Moving with Children and Pets

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How to Deal with Children and Pets While Moving

There are few things as stressful as moving can be. Your life can be instantly placed in disorder as you work to move all of your possessions and settle into a new space. There is much work to be done in financing and stocking your new home, perhaps selling your old, and perhaps entering a new job. These can make the process difficult to manage even if you moving a short distance

While moving is almost always a challenging and stressful process, doing so with children and pets only exacerbates the challenges associated with the home move and presents new difficulties into the process. Understanding why a home moving can be so difficult for children and pets is only part of the challenge; finding ways to solve for it is just as important and critical to keeping your sanity during the move. 

Challenges Associated with Home Moving with Children and Pets

Moving is a stressful time for any family but particularly for those with children and pets. Children and pets thrive in stable environments and moving adds a level of chaos to any family situation. Pets in particular get uncertain with the changes associated with moving and will not understand any level of communication that you are trying to make with them. When they arrive in their new home they often hide, tear up the new home, and soil the space. Children often are separated from their friends and routine and sometimes need to be pulled out of school for extended periods of time. This often leads to anger and acting out by them, including the occasional temper tantrums 

The biggest challenge associated with moving children and pets is the disruption in their routine and the settlement needed in their new life. Children don’t like disruption in their routine, as any parent who has ever taken their child on vacation can attest to. Finding ways to ease into the move and finding time to say goodbye to their old home is important as well and the keys to a successful move. 

Ease the Transition with an Effective Home Moving Process

To best handle a move for children and pets you should make the move as quick and effective as possible and have the new home set up with items that they are used to designated in a new location. A pet who walks into a new home and is able to see their dog bed set up as well as their water and food bowl will feel some level of comfort in their new surroundings. Familiarity breeds comfort and any way that you can provide your pet with comfort in their new surrounding can greatly minimize the discomfort.

Children can benefit from having a bedroom setup with their existing toys available for them to play with. Introducing something new and fun can also improve on the discomfort in the move and help to reward a child for their handling of the affairs and problems that they are encountering with their move. 

One way to greatly ease this transition process is by quickly having the new rooms and spaces set up for them. It will be very challenging for a homeowner to have all of this squared away, given the other responsibilities and challenges associated with a move. That is where a professional moving company can help. Moving with pets and children can be made easier by having a home moving company set up a space for them as a priority so that they can start living in their room and not in makeshift surroundings. The psychological benefits of a home moving that is quickly and efficiently completed, even if it is just in a couple of rooms, can be significant and can quickly improve on the overall move and settle those vulnerable ones into their new lives. 

Show Your Children the Home Before the Move

If your children are of the right age, bring them along to their new home before the move so they can start to mentally prepare for their new home. Show them how their room will look, talk to them enthusiastically about the home, and get them excited about the relocation. Getting some level of familiarity with the move can help to improve on their acceptance of their new home and shorten the transition period. 

Getting them to help packing and unpacking their things can be a great way to deal with home moving responsibilities and get them involved in the process. Unpacking and arranging your own things gives you a level of control over the move and reduces the stress associated with it. 

Shipping Pets and Children off to Grandmas Home During a Home Moving

If you are organizing a home moving you want to avoid moving with children and moving with pets whenever you can. Let’s face it, they add nothing to the process and simply serve to get in the way regardless of how much you love them. It is often better to have them stay with their grandparents or another loved one until the move is completed so you can focus on the home moving uninterrupted. Having said that, should prepare your children by allowing them to transition to their new home and by taking pictures with it so that they have something to remember it by. Be sure to not make the whole moving a sad event and focus on the future and the good times they will spend in their new home. 

Explore the Neighborhood and Restaurants

When many people finish a whole moving experience they try to unpack their things as quickly as possible and start their new lives. While this is important, another important step is to keep in mind their fragile state of mind during a home moving event. It is a good idea, once you finish your home moving experience, to explore a local restaurant or a fun activity in your new community even if you feel overwhelmed by the move and simply want to sit down. Introduction into your new community by visiting restaurants, parks, and community centers may be a great way of moving with children into an new area. When you are moving with children you should introduce them to the places that they will frequent in advance of them using them such as schools, parks, and playgrounds. This eases the transition time and often makes for a simpler moving experience.

Avoiding Breakdowns with Pets

When you are moving with pets you need to be aware that they are often stressed and may take it out on your new home. Dogs and cats may be destructive to the home when you are moving with pets and may use the whole home as a litter box. Take steps to protect yourself and your home by first isolating them in an area that is easy to clean if there are any accidents and slowly allowing them to venture out and gain comfort to The new home. When you are moving with pets you should exhibit patience and avoid punishing them and causing unhappiness in heir new setting.

Moving with children or pets can be stressful but is made easier by keeping in mind the temperaments of each of them and taking it into account and making allowances where needed. Keep in mind that saving money moving without the assistance of a professional mover becomes incredibly challenging when you have kids and pets and be prepared to hire a mover to make the process easier for your entire family.

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