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Our firm serves customers relocating to (or from) the New Westminster area. This lovely community now boasts a population of more than 70,000 people. Situated between Burnaby and Surrey, the city lies immediately north of Delta in the Greater Vancouver Metropolitan Area. It sits along the banks of the Fraser River, not far from the Strait of Georgia and the Pacific Ocean. We offer a complete array of household and commercial moving services in this part of British Columbia. Do you plan to relocate within New Westminster? Or perhaps you require assistance during a transition to an address in a Maritime Province? We offer a valuable resource irregardless of your destination. Ask our experienced team of New Westminster movers to help you plan your relocation in detail. We offer a variety of customized services for your convenience. Select the services you require for more information.


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Home Movers

We offer expert home moving services to assist relocations near and far. Rely on our New Westminster movers to help your household enjoy a more pleasant transition into a new location. We possess personal familiarity with neighborhoods in New Westminster!

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Piano Movers

When individuals or businesses require careful piano moving, they turn to us in New Westminster. We’ve invested in the equipment and supplies required to transport very heavy and bulky items safely. Ask us to move a piano between floors or nationwide.

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Packing Services

Our skilled packing services assist many New Westminster customers. We offer customized assistance. Our New Westminster movers will pack only designated items or entire households. We also furnish capable unpacking services for your convenience.

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Long Distance Moving

Today, New Westminster long distance movers help households and businesses relocate to, from (or within) beautiful British Columbia. We maintain branches in most major Canadian metropolitan areas. Our company will help you meet demanding long distance moving schedules.

Storage Services

We frequently help customers locate secure, dry storage facilities. Particularly if you maintain an uncertain relocation timetable, the availability of cost-effective storage services in New Westminster proves vital. Request this assistance at any time.

Why Choose New Westminster Movers?

Why do so many people select us as their trusted New Westminster movers? We believe our high standard of customer service contributes to our popularity. Additionally, we offer personalized assistance, cost-efficient relocation services, and capable personnel.

How Much Does Moving in New Westminster Cost?

To determine the cost of a proposed relocation in the New Westminster area, simply contact us. We’ll help you get a moving quote quickly. Prices vary based upon the types of customized services a customer requests.

A Few Tips For Your New Westminster Relocation

We’ve assembled some common sense tips to help people move in New Westminster. Consider using this advice to enjoy an easier relocation: 1. Clarify your moving timetable with your movers. 2. Use top quality packing supplies. 3. Avoid transporting liquids or flammable items.

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