How to Choose The Right Moving Company in 2021


How To Control Moving Costs

Choosing the best movers to provide moving services for your home or business, either local or long distance starts with you asking lots of questions and doing your research. You shouldn’t just pick the first moving company that you find in the phone book, and you shouldn’t necessarily trust the advice or recommendations of friends or family who used a particular company for a move not similar to yours. Start out by asking for recommendations, yes, but do your own homework and choose the firm that is best suited to your individual needs. Let’s take a moment to look at some of the things that you should take into consideration when choosing a moving company. 

Choosing a Moving Company to Help with Home Moving

Choosing a company to help with your home moving needs is perhaps the most important moving decision you will ever make. While it is important to carefully select movers for commercial or business moving, when you are talking about home relocations it is even more so. With these moves, the movers will be in your home, accessing your personal and most cherished belongings, interacting with your family, learning about you. It’s vital that they be of the most reliable and trustworthy sort. When choosing a home moving company ask a lot of questions about security, insurance, background checks, and reliability. Make sure that they are clear about scheduling, about timetables, and about rates. Find out if a supervisor is always on site during the job. If packers or moving helpers affiliated with the company are going to be assisting you, find out if they are subject to the same background checks as the movers/drivers, and also ensure that they are also covered by the company’s insurance plan connected with your moving agreement. 

Choosing a Moving Company to Help with Business Moving and Commercial Moving

When trying to decide on the best movers for your business, you need to make certain that you are choosing a company that has a solid reputation and a commitment to professionalism. Your business is your livelihood, and it’s vital that your office or other facility relocation be conducted quickly, efficiently, and on time. Every minute that you are down is a dollar lost to your business. Any delays or damage that may occur is money out of your pocket. Choose a company that has a track record of working in business relocation. If you use heavy equipment and machinery make sure that you choose a company that has experience moving that particular type of equipment in the past. You cannot afford to cut corners with your business and commercial moving process, your business literally depends on it. 

Make The Move Easier with Packing Services

When moving, you have a lot to worry about. One thing that you can do to help make the moving process easier is to use a packing service. The best movers will offer packing services as part of their packages, or even as a stand-alone service. The packers will help you box up your entire home or just certain items such as dishes or books. They will carefully and professionally wrap and pad everything to ensure that it is protected fully during storage and transport, and they will mark every crate, box, and bag with clear labeling of what is inside. Most movers state that the hardest part is the packing, and with the use of professional packers helping you, that doesn’t have to be the case. 

Special Considerations for Hiring Long Distance Movers

When selecting a moving services company for long distance moving, there are some special considerations to keep in mind: 

Does the company provide pre-moving short term storage of boxes and bulky items until moving day? 
Does the company provide or have a business relationship with a provider of long term storage for items that will not fit in your new place, or for which you are not ready yet? 
Does the provider contract additional unloaders upon arrival or do you need to do that? Do they offer unpacking and organization services? 
What is their average percentage of on-time deliveries? 
Does the company offer real-time tracking of trucks via a website or app? 
Do the movers provide daily check-ins along the way, and if so how often (i.e. morning and evening, evening only, morning only, mid-afternoon only)? 

When it comes to moving services for long distance relocations, it’s vital that you choose a company that has the professionalism and experience to handle the job effectively. You should also ask your moving firm about their background check policies regarding movers/drivers. Make sure to ask if helpers are also given full background checks before being allowed to work a move. These and a host of other considerations are pertinent to every move, but with long-distance relocations, they are especially important. 

The Importance of Reviews When Hiring a Moving Company

A moving companies review service such as Yelp!, CityGuide, or Google Reviews can help you decide which moving services are worth looking into and which you should avoid, but there is more to it than just reading some reviews online. Take the time to also check out the companies that you are interested in on services such as Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Facebook, and others. Check with the local chamber of commerce as well as the Better Business Bureau. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the moving service for references to past clients who have had moves similar to yours. The best movers should will be happy to provide those to you upon request. The important thing is to not sign on with any moving company that you do not investigate fully. 

Be Mindful About Insurance

When it comes to selecting the right moving company for your move its important to know about the company’s insurance coverage. Many times your homeowners or renters policy will not cover damage and accidents related to moving, and even if it does, it will not cover anything that happens to your belongings while in transit on the road at all. You should read your moving agreement carefully before you commit to it, to have a full understanding of what is covered by the company’s liability and to what extent. If your belongings are not fully covered, then you should inquire about additional coverage for very expensive or particularly fragile items. Choosing a reputable moving company will help alleviate these concerns as they will have more than adequate protection for their client’s belongings included in any service they provide. 

The Right Choice Matters

These tips will help you in choosing the best moving services for your needs, no matter what kind of move you are undertaking. Choosing the best movers can make a world of difference between a move that is stressful and complicated and one that is easy and relaxed. It doesn’t matter if you are moving across the city or across the nation, a quality moving company that puts you and your belongings first and foremost can make it a lot easier. Remember to choose your moving company based on the service that they can provide you as a unique customer and not just on who is the lowest priced or who can accommodate your desired booking dates the best.
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