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How do I pick the right mover?

Picking the right moving company can be a difficult and stressful process. There are a lot of options, and a lot of things to take into consideration. You will want to get information about the company, price ranges, insurance needs and the overall reputation of the company. Get more than one estimate, find out about additional fees, and the extent of services offered. It will also depend on whether you need home movers or office movers.  

Where can I get boxes for moving? 

Moving boxes can be purchased from the moving company. There are various online retailers that sale specially designed boxes to pack for a move with as well. Buying boxes can increase the cost of your move, so you might want to look for sources of free boxes. Ask local stores, family, friends, neighbors and community groups. You can also begin saving your own boxes when you have deliveries.  

Why should I choose Canadian Movers? 

Canadian movers will move you from Canada to the United States. They provide thorough and courteous service. 

How long will my move take? 

Long distance moving will take longer than a local move. The destination of the move will determine how long it will take for home movers to get your possessions to your new home.


How do I pack a moving box? 

Put items that are similar in weight and size together. Create a cushion on the bottom with packing peanuts or other materials. The heaviest items should be wrapped first and placed in the bottom of the box. Create a barrier and place smaller wrapped items in the top of the box. Ensure that you cushion the entire package by filling in any open spaces, close the box and secure it with tape. Make sure that the box is not to heavy for you to lift.  

What is the best size box for moving? 

The size of the boxes used is determined by what you are planning to pack in them. Smaller boxes are better for items that are little but heavy such as books or canned foods. Items that are fragile also do better in smaller boxes and can be wrapped leaving less space for them to move around. Medium boxes can be used for small items in the home. Larger boxes are better for bigger items that are lightweight such as stuffed animals, clothing, and linens. There are also boxes that are designed to pack specific items in that are usually available from your moving company. 

How do I figure out how many moving boxes I need? 

The number of boxes that you will need will be dependant on how many rooms that you are packing. The size of the place being moved will mean that you need anywhere from 25 to 90 boxes to pack for your move. 

How do I prepare my appliances for moving? 

Applies should be properly serviced, and professionally disconnected from things such as gas lines. Hire the correct technicians to handle the appliance. You should empty and clean things like refrigerators and freezers. Ensure that accessories have been removed from televisions and any small appliances are packed where they will not be damaged. Ensure the mover properly secures the items during transport.

How will Canadian Movers protect my upholstered furniture? 

The fabric is inspected prior to cleaning to ensure there is no damage incurred. Crumbs and soil are vacuumed up, a pre-treatment is used to help with tough stains. Furniture is thoroughly cleaned. You should invest in wraps and sealable bags to protect furniture while it is being moved to help prevent any damage.  

How do I prepare my home and myself for moving day? 

Begin by making a plan for the move. Start packing up items that you will not need in advance and get rid of anything that you no longer want or use. Create a checklist or use one from the mover that you hired to help keep you organized.  

What is the best time to move?

Mornings are best when the temperatures rise because it is cooler. Monday through Thursday is ideal days to move because the weekend has a higher demand for movers and more traffic. The middle of the month will make long distance moving easier.  

Are there any “unexpected” costs I should be aware of?

Yes. Insurance for the move to cover any damages or loss. Utility connection at the new location. Storage service fees if you need to put anything into storage. Products for cleaning the place you are leaving and replacing these products once you are relocated.  

How accurate will the cost estimate for my move be? 

The final cost will likely vary from the estimated costs. Make sure the movers are licensed and insured. Quotes are often provided online or over the phone for free, an accurate quote can only be gotten by having the movers see what you are moving, letting them know where you are moving from and to.  

Can I help the movers? 

Yes, when you are preparing for the move. Place packed items near the door so they are easy to access and remove valuables from the things being moved to decrease the liability.  

Can the movers transport my pets? 

Transporting pets presents both a safety and liability issue.  

How can I prepare things to help save time and money?

Use a moving calendar, a checklist and create a budget. Look into using household items for packing breakables. Label boxes for the mover so they know at a glance what is fragile.  

What items should I pack, and what should I leave for the professionals?

A packing service should handle large items such as exercise equipment or expensive electronics such as television. You should pack personal items and the average household items.  

What do I need to prepare my appliances for the move? 

Towels to absorb any water on the floor during the defrosting process. Remove the drawers, and remove or secure any racks.  

Is it possible to move during inclement weather? 

This depends on the type of weather and how bad it is. 

What can I do to keep costs down during my move?

Plan ahead, prepare a budget for both basic and incidental cost. Start in advance of the date that you have set for the move to ensure that everything is ready for the movers. Do as much of the packing yourself as possible. Use the smallest option available to accommodate your things.

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