5 Tips For Preparing For Move In 2021

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People move all the time. The average Canadian will move at least 10 times in their life. That’s significantly higher than in European countries. It’s basically an inescapable fact that you’ll live in several different places in the next few years. 

The best thing you can do is to be prepared, but relocation is more than just packing a few moving boxes. You’ve got to stay organized. You can minimize the transitional problems as much as possible to keep everything moving smoothly. Here are five simple ways to enter your new home with ease. 

1. Stay Organized

This may be one of the most important steps of all. Organization is the key to making your relocation a breeze. Unorganized people often overlook how much keeping things in order can save countless hours. Check out this guide on staying organized for messy people.

Start with the largest items in each room first. Make sure every package is clearly marked. Tackle the furniture before dealing with smaller items. Go from room to room working your way down to the smallest items last. 

Your possessions are probably going to be loaded based on the weight of each item. Go through your living room packing all the heavier furniture. Then go to your kitchen to get your appliances ready. When you finish with the general areas, then you can pack your bedroom furniture. 

You should move on to your electronics next. Televisions are probably going to be your first task, then you’ll be packing up your gadgets. Once you’ve got all of your PCs packed, then it’s time to finish up with all your small items. This is the time to pack pictures, keepsakes, and fragile dishware. 

Packing in this order will make things so much easier for the moving company when they get to your home. You can also ask about home packing services. It’s definitely worth the cost to have everything packed professionally for you. You’re moving company will be able to do their job much faster as well. 

It is a win for everybody. Don’t forget to pick up plenty of heavy-duty shipping boxes when you pack for yourself. It can be tempting to stop by the local supermarket to grab boxes, but it’s not going to be fun if your stuff gets damaged due to poor packaging. Try to keep your possessions as safe as possible. 

Clearly label items for each room. Don’t mix items from different rooms in the same box. You can make a check list to keep track of everything once you get settled in. 

2. Hire A Moving Company

There’s nothing better than getting to your new house with everything ready for you to get unpacked. Hiring movers won’t add much cost to your relocation. It can save you a lot of hassle. 

Families always think they are ready for a move, but they don’t always get everything where it needs to be on time. It can be very unsatisfying to spend the first night of the rest of your life carrying a bunch of moving boxes. You need to really schedule everything as early as possible in the morning. That way you can have plenty of time to peel away all that masking-tape. 

Getting a team of professional movers takes the load off of your family. You can have everything ready for the truck when they get there, or you can have them take care of the home packing services for you. The main benefit is having all of those packages handled for you from the truck to your rooms. 

Another huge upside to hiring movers is that you don’t have to worry about your items getting damaged. If you do it yourself, then all the damages are your responsibility. A moving company is going to have accountability when it comes to your belongings. 

They can definitely get things done a lot faster. You could have your moving boxes in place before you even arrive. It sure beats coming home to a ton of heavy-lifting. If you’ve ever had to carry a sofa up a flight of stairs, then you know how invaluable this little step is going to be. 

Your family wants to get settled in as fast as they can. You don’t want to be up half the night looking for the box with your bed-sheets in it. No one wants to pull a muscle carrying a few boxes inside. You definitely won’t be able to live with yourself if the TV goes crashing into the wall. 

You can look at the hard facts throughout the Product Instability Injuries Report of 2014. Don’t add hospital visits to your moving cost. Hire a team of movers. The cost is worth every penny. 

3. Do Any Necessary Changes Before You Move In

If you don’t like the color of your rooms, then paint them before you move in. The same goes for minor repairs. You don’t want to have everything in your way during any remodeling. If you know for a fact that you are going to be making some intense changes to your new home, then take care of it before you start furnishing it. 

Decorating is a different story. You can buy new curtains to install while unpacking. You can put down your modern throw-rugs. It might be even easier than normal to redecorate while moving. That way you’ll be able to make decisions before any furniture placement is completely finalized. 

Just make sure you aren’t in the way of your movers when they arrive. They’ll need to know where you want everything placed as soon as they unload it. Keep that in mind. Try visiting your home a few hours before they arrive to make up your mind. 

The main point in this tip is to be prepared for the movers. You don’t want to have all of your furniture stacked in the hallway for days because you needed to paint the den first. 

4. Be Present On Moving Day

It will be a good idea to take the day off from work. Start as soon as you wake up that morning. Start getting everything ready to pack, or you can start preparing your possessions for the moving company to pack for you. 

You can have your small valuable items packed in your personal vehicle while everything else is handled for you. Once the movers know exactly what you want them to do, then it’s time to say goodbye to your old place. Get in your car to head over to the new house. 

You’ll hopefully get there before the movers do. This gives you plenty of time to make up your mind on where to put everything. Make a mental-layout of where all the larger items are going to be placed. You’ll be able to have the movers put your item exactly where you need it to be. Your moving cost will stay the same either way. 

Let all the smaller moving boxes be placed in central location. It will make getting out the most important items very fast. You’ll have everything in one spot to work from. Begin unpacking your toiletries first. Then move to electronics. You can do smaller items towards the end. 

The last things you want to unpack are bedroom items. It will stop you from being tempted to head off to sleep when you get tired. 

You never want to procrastinate when relocating. That’s why people end up with boxes all over their house for weeks after a move. 

5. Relax

Stress leads to failure. You should take the load off of your shoulders. The whole point in moving is to move forward towards better opportunities in life. It’s a fresh start. Look for ways you can make your relocation experiences carefree. 

Do your research on what services your company offers. Get high-quality packing papers to keep delicate items safe. Relax a little by browsing through your new neighborhood. Introduce your family to the neighbors. 

Moving is a big step that we only get to take once in a while. Get yourself a lung full of fresh air. Enjoy your new home. Don’t forget to take it easy. 

Pat Yourself On The Shoulder

You’ve learned some powerful tips to make your next move a breeze. No amount of planning can make every relocation a perfect one, but you are well on your way to crushing it with the help of hardworking movers. You’re prepared to spend that fist night in the comfort of a job well done.

When you are all done, then you should just take a few minutes to walk around your house. Check out all the work you managed to get done. If you didn’t finish on the first day, then that’s perfectly fine. You can always unpack a little at a time. 

Make sure you haven’t misplaced anything important. It rarely happens, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Go over your checklist one last time before turning in for the night.

Treat yourself to something nice before bed. You deserve it.

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Your next move is going to be much easier!
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